Apparently the last official front page update was almost 1.5 years ago. Wow. Been busy with college, but graduated the nursing program in December, so I'm back with more updates. In my absence, the hoard continued to expand and even managed to pick up a few new series (just what I needed, yup). :P

- new sales up. some prices reduced. please check out the LJ sales comm and the eCrater store for more details.
- new Steins;Gate scans will be up on the LJ community. will try to post more requested scans soon.
- almost all the non-doujin pages were updated. gotten into figures & video game related jewelry (deadly for the wallet)
- entire site up to date (far as i can tell, anyway).
- updated some css coding. on my new Windows machine, the entire site was a broken mess. hope that fixed it.

As of right this moment, my current fandoms are Tales of Xillia, Drakengard, and Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. Briefly went crazy on Gundam SEED Athrun/Cagalli pairing doujin since I found some for cheap. Also had a brief obsession with Shingeki no Kyoujin (Attack on Titan), but due to space limitations, I'll be selling almost everything and only continue collecting for my fave circles.

Done with KHR, though I'm always wanting anything Hibari/Chrome. Obtained most wishlisted Hakuouki books, so done there except new releases. Gotten into Pokemon as well and it started off fine, but then snowballed when I converted into a Ferriswheel shipper (then the book count just kinda exploded, haha).

New book updates here:

Original Illustrations: +1
Ao no Exorcist: +5
Aquarion EVOL: +2
Arcana Famiglia: +70 (NEW SECTION)
Attack on Titan: +40 (NEW SECTION)
BlazBlue: +4
Bleach: +4
Darker Than Black: +2
Dark Souls: +1 (NEW SECTION)
Fate/Zero: +71 (NEW SECTION)
Final Fantasy: +14
Fire Emblem: +5
Gundam SEED: +1 (+15 in-transit)
Hakuouki: +60?
Hiiro no Kakera: +2 (NEW SECTION)
Inu x Boku SS: +5
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: +15
King of Fighters: +3
Macross Frontier: +7
Magi: Labyrinth of Magic: +0 (NEW SECTION) (+23 in-transit)
NieR: +1 (+1 in-transit)
Pokemon: +32 (NEW SECTION)
Rockman: +6
Steins;Gate: +12
Tales of the Abyss & Vesperia: +1
Tales of Xillia: +56 (NEW SECTION)
Tiger & Bunny: +7
Valkyrie Profile: +1
Vocaloid: +2
Xenosaga: +1
Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san!: +4
Zelda: +1

Till next time~

Updated the links pages and sorted through the broken pages. Go visit Cynical Violet by Jaemin and Angel's Harmony by Miara to see their cool doujin collections! :D

Another massive update. Here's what's new:

- new layout and on-going revamp of entire site
- almost every book in the collection is now catalogued & pictured. accurate status indicators.
- scans page is up. more to come when time allows. have around 40 scanned doujin sitting around.
- updates to all major pages.
- 200+ books for sale. many rare/old. some priced to move. offers accepted.
- more sales means more sample pages. those count as scans, right? >_>;
- Hakuouki is the current killer of my bank account. many books and so expensive. T_T
- scanned 3 new books.
- scanning sample pages for non-sale books is still on the to-do list

Hakuouki and the loss of interest in older fandoms has prompted an influx of new books to the sales pages. Hoping to sell enough to fund future Hakuouki purchases (I love Kazama/Chizuru and Okita/Chizuru). XD Anything that I've ever intended to or have thought of selling is available with maybe 50 yet to be uploaded. Some things I'd like to sell more than others, but like always, I'm open to price offers.

This update was quite an undertaking because the KHR section has been neglected since the book count passed 80+ (it's ridiculously huge now ~.~). The site is almost complete and all that's left to do is update with new books and scans.

Been almost half year since the last update. Thanks for the e-mails; nice to know some find the site useful or interesting. The new updates aren't 100% complete, but there's around 100 new book entries to work through and record. The thought had crossed my mind to perhaps post sample pages for each doujinshi, but that would be a humongous undertaking and not sure if the project would ever be completed. So for now, I'll just do what free time allows.

Also, it's finally come to the point where I've had to seriously consider selling about 40% of my current collection. As the timeless adage goes, "out with the old, in with the new." If you'd like to see what's for sale, please check out skyrendsales @ LJ or the eCrater store. Thank you.
This isn't even all of it. At least 50 more books sitting in Japan atm. My KHR collecting seems to be slowing down lately since I have...well, almost everything I could ever want. >_<;

Randomly going through the site and adding new summaries and re-writing old ones. Been too long since my Japanese classes...will try to brush up and maybe have more accurate summaries in the future. Contemplating making some low-quality sample pages for the older, rare books (like YYH). Everyone had a field day releasing huge reprint anthologies this summer, so the upcoming haul is no doubt gonna be an expensive one. u.u

Figured out how to implement the 301 redirect. Everything should now automatically point towards Been getting rather lazy with the info entries lately so I hope to go through the site and fill in all missing information. Maybe write more short summaries when I have the time. Actually trying to translate is time consuming tho so I mostly just skim pages these days. >.>

Many new updates:

1. Several back and front end changes going on. Mainly coding related.

2. Also bought a domain. ^^ Think the current URL is easier to remember tho so I haven't moved this site can't get the redirects to work properly.

3. New books added to the store/sales page. New arrivals and old favorites available. Still sorting and fixing the prices.

4. Added new books to several sections. KHR has officially overtaken both Guilty Gear and Bleach. It's because of 6927. >.>;

Darker Than Black: +2
Final Fantasy VI: +1
Guilty Gear: +3
Macross Frontier: +2
Reborn!: +16

PENDING: +10 Reborn, +8 Darker Than Black, +6 Bleach

New updates mainly in the Darker Than Black and Reborn! sections. New items for sale in the store so please take a look if you'd like to buy any of the new books. Will be going through the entire collection soon to trim it down as it's starting to take over my room again. Next update will have Mukuro/Chrome and Hibari/I-pin doujinshi for sale so KHR het fans please standby~ ^-^

Bleach: +2
Darker Than Black: +12
Gundam SEED: +1
Macross Frontier: +2
NieR: +1
Reborn!: +13
Vocaloid: +1

PENDING: +10 Reborn, +8 Darker Than Black, +6 Bleach

Lots of new books were added. Another box coming in a few months will have more KHR, Bleach, etc like usual along with my newest series, Darker Than Black (Hei x Yin). ^-^; Due to space limitations in my room (barely even 8x8 foot area to store collectibles -.-), I can't keep most of the new additions and am grudgingly trying to let go of a few older books as well. Created this eCrater store to help organize the sales. If you see anything interesting, please feel free to contact me~

Blazblue: +1
Bleach: +13
Darker Than Black: new section. +1
Gundam SEED: +2
Macross Frontier: +5
NieR: +1
Reborn!: +21
Vocaloid: new section. +1
Xenosaga: +1
Yu Yu Hakusho: +1
Zelda: +1

PENDING: +1 GSD, +10 Reborn, +8 Darker Than Black, +6 Bleach

Updated with Comiket 79 and partial Bleach Bleach Bleach event hauls. Rest of BBB & Haru Comic City 16 (if it doesn't get cancelled) will be posted next. Also uploaded artbooks, shitajiki, & trading cards pages. Still need to input book info for several of the new ones & maybe summaries when there's time.

Blazblue: new section. +1
Bleach: +7
Code Geass: +1
Dewprism (Threads of Fate): new section. +3
Macross Frontier: new section. +3
NieR: new section. +3
Parasite Eve: new section. +1
Reborn!: +42
Valkyrie Profile: new section. +1
Zelda: +1

PENDING: +1 GSD, +20 Reborn, +2 Xenosaga, +6 Bleach, +4 Macross Frontier, +1 YYH,

Wow, haven't updated in nearly a year. Revamped entire site, added around 50 new books, consolidated info to keep html files to a minimum, fixed most broken links. First time I've tried coding in about 4 years so it's pretty messy. Will create a proper header image later and improve coding skills. Comiket 79 coming up in a few days so there will be even more to add... u.u

Bastard!!: +1
Bleach: +20
Final Fantasy: +13
Fire Emblem 7: +3
Full Moon: +1
Reborn!: new section. +17
Yu Yu Hakusho: +1
Hellsing: +1
Xenosaga: +1
Zelda: +1

PENDING: +1 GSD, +2 Dewprism, +19 Reborn 2010/01/10
8 Bleach, 1 Blood+, 1 Code Geass, 1 Final Fantasy VII, 1 Guilty Gear, 2 Yuu Yuu Hakusho, 3 Legend of Zelda

New doujinshi and updated wishlist/pending. 1 Bastard!!, 4 Blood+, 8 Bleach, 2 Code Geass, 1 Guilty Gear, 3 Inu-Yasha, 2 Zelda.

New doujinshi. 4 Bleach, 2 Zelda, 6 Code Geass, 1 Vampire Knight. Added a few books to wishlist. Still many broken links and I'm changing around a few things.

This layout is at least 3 years old but I'm much too lazy to make another. Coding is also outdated and in dire need of validation/clean up. Beware several broken links around the site.

All doujinshi are scanned and catalogued. Only took...four years? o.O

1 new book by my favorite circle CROSS DOWN in the GG section and 1 from Slime Mint.

Huge update to the Xenosaga section. Due to a major manga lot on YJA, I was able to basically complete the Xeno collection! Only one more to go. 3 new manga anthologies added to Dead or Alive and King of Fighters. So cute!

Afer spending $81.05 I have 5 new doujinshi to add to the collection. 2 Naruto, 3 Bleach.



The title is taken from the song "Romanticide" by one of my favorite bands, Nightwish. Rather emo but it fits with the content of the site. :P All characters, series, and doujinshi belong to their respective creators. Coding and website by Skyrend.