If you somehow missed the explanation, sample scans can be found by clicking the book covers or following the 'sample pages' and 'BUY NOW @ ECRATER' links. This may not be true for older books. Working on it. >_>

Looking for full book scans? Please read on.


Read below to join.


- Updated when the mood strikes.
- Abuse the scans and ALL future releases will be private.
- Books slated for sale will not be scanned.
- Scans are not high quality. Only light pressure is applied to spine, I lack decent equipment, and honestly cbf.
- If you wish to use my horrible scans for translations, higher quality versions may be available.
- Please do not distribute outside of LiveJournal or my website.

Doujinshi artists don't appreciate the posting of their fanworks on other websites. Going against these wishes has actually lead to closure of circle's websites, privatization, or a complete departure from the hobby. I don't want my scans to end up on some random forum or whatever and piss someone off. This is also the main reason I will not publicly release scans for a few of my OTP pairings. yeah, please don't distribute my scans on other websites. Keep them to yourself. :P If you feel the need to share, please direct them here for the original posts or use private channels such as e-mail or PM to send files.

Keeping the above in mind, Head on over to radiantfall for available scans. Membership is moderated. Please read the rules before joining or you will be rejected.


- scans will be done when there is free time. they are not a priority.
- maximum 25 pages recommended. long books are unpleasant.
- if i do agree to scan an anthology, it will not be a complete scan (only my favorite parts).
- books with difficult binding will not be scanned.
- books for sale are off limits.
- requests may take weeks or months to be filled. pestering me about it will result in no scans. :D


Totally up for this if you have something interesting. E-mail me to set up an exchange. :) Trades receive priority over requests and are filled within a week or two.