Online store with automatic checkout. My main store. It will always be updated first.

Another online store, but prices will be more expensive than eCrater due to the new fees they implemented in early 2015. I recommend using eCrater.

Prices comparable to StorEnvy. More expensive due to the fees associated with listing on the site. 100-200 items are rotated at one time due to available free listings.
MyFigureCollection shop. Mostly figures but some doujin. You can find everything there on eCrater.

Please see the pricing section below to understand how prices are determined.

Note concerning "ON HOLD" items (eCrater only): due to the customization limitations of eCrater, it is impossible to change the 'on hold' sign to 'sold out'. If an item is 'on hold', 99% of the time, this actually means 'sold out'. If you are looking for a sold out item, you will have to contact me with a shopping request. Please note that I am only a personal collector (not a business), thus sold goods are rarely restocked.


Currently inactive because who uses LJ these days? Too much of a hassle to keep updated. Still a possible way to contact me in case none of the other methods work. Buying terms are explained there.

To order, simply leave a comment on the appropriate entry.


Work in progress. I want this to replace the LiveJournal site someday. Might also make following sale updates easier, though I'm still in the learning phase for this site.


If you're interested in a book on this site that isn't listed on my sales post, then you may contact me via the various methods listed at the bottom of the page. Below is a guide explaining the different 'statuses' assigned to each doujinshi:

   • NOT FOR SALE = probably not willing to sell, make high offers :P
   • Might sell = love it, but might sell for an average/high price
   • Willing to sell = average price
   • FOR SALE = want to sell


If making an offer, please keep in mind that the cost for an average doujinshi (after acquisition fee, shipping fee, bank transfer fee, etc) is in the neighborhood of $15 to $20. Usually sell most of my books for around or under $20, but there will be certain cases where it could be much higher or lower.

Definitely for sale. Any books under $12 are already cheap and haggling may not be accepted. More likely to be lenient on $16~$20 range books.

Usually old favorites or rare/hard to find books (unless stated otherwise). Most anthologies fall into this range due to their high original price. Might accept haggling. Prices may drop as time passes and interest fades.

$40 and above
Prices in this range generally indicate personal level of attachment to item unless rarity or original price is explicitly stated. Haggling encouraged, but not all offers will be accepted. As time passes, books in this category may have their prices dropped or be removed for sale entirely.

$69.69 @ eCrater store
$69.69 = encouraged haggling to work out a more reasonable deal (unless stated in the listing), though not all offers will be accepted. These are 'extremely not sure about selling' books. As time passes, books in this category may have their prices dropped or be removed for sale entirely.


Leave me your e-mail address, books you want to buy, and price offers.

Forms of Contact
You may leave a comment/PM through the following venues:
- send an e-mail to skyrend[at]zoho[dot]com
- Storenvy Contact Form
- use the form below: