Updates coming soon. I have a lot of figures now and want a better page for them. XD I plan to take some pics of my collection divided by series some day.

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almost all grails obtained! my wishlist:


Mini-figures included for size reference. My first big figure purchase at $158 (equivalent to buying 10-15 doujinshi), but she was worth every penny; the details definitely make this a beautiful work of art! High-quality pics @

Chillin' with Chrome and Hibari-san


 photo 130619_0015.jpg  photo 130619_0016.jpg  photo 130711_0017.jpg  photo 20120507003.jpg
- Milla & Jude mini nendoroids
- Kasumi bome (white ver)
- Mordin (Mass Effect 3)
- Primal Rage figures (Diablo, Sauron, Vertigo)