Kenshin and Kaoru are the perfect couple and I should probably feel dirty for this collection...but I don't. Revel in the blasphemy~ Second section to be purged.

Enishi x Kaoru ~ never meant to be

Title: En Kuzushi
Circle: ひすてりあ [Hysteria]
Artist: くぜかすみ [Kuze Kasumi]
Published: 1998.08.14
Pages/Size: 62 ~ B5
Pairing: Enishi×Kaoru
Rating: Drama, Romance, Comedy, PG
Status: SOLD ON EBAY || Sample Pages: One, Two

Absolutely beautiful doujinshi by Hysteria! Ties with Haikara Girl as my favorite EniKao. The first story is set in modern Japan; Enishi is a troubled student and Kaoru his concerned teacher. Later, Tomoe appears as a bitchy older sister! XD The last story places Enishi and Kaoru on a rowboat. A solemn moment ensues in which Enishi remembers his beloved elder sister. Kaoru, noticing his sadness, snuggles up to him. ^^

Title: Haikara Girl
Circle: Dragon Sisters
Artist: Okada Reimi
Published: 1999.12.25
Pages/Size: 42 ~ A5
Pairing: Enishi×Kaoru, Sanosuke×Tsubame
Rating: Serious, Romance, PG-13
Status: SOLD ON EBAY || Sample Pages: One, Two

Gorgeous doujinshi pairing Enishi & Kaoru. Near the end, there's an even stranger pairing: Tsubame & Sanosuke! I kick myself for selling it, but I'm sure the current owner is enjoying it, too! :D Came with the original event ads and packaging (not sure if this event was Comiket or a different one).

Title: Daiichi Renai
Circle: X-FILE (GNP & LENZ)
Published: 1999.08.14
Pages/Size: 48 ~ B5
Pairing: Enishi×Kaoru
Rating: Serious, Comedy, 18-kin

This book consists of works by two different circles. GNP does the first, LENZ the next, and GNP the last. Rather graphic smut by GNP for the first few, I'm not complaining, neither is Kaoru (not when Enishi finishes up, anyway). >:D~ After that, more smexing courtesy of LENZ (SHE DRAWS ONE HOT ENISHI), then a rather cute story set in modern times by GNP. Kaoru is with Kenshin, but Enishi won't give up! At the end of the book there's a cute family portrait of EniKao and how their kids could possibly turn out (drawn by GNP). ^^

Title: Poison
Circle: LENZ
Published: 2000.05.03
Pages/Size: 30 ~ B5
Pairing: Enishi×Kaoru
Rating: 18-kin
Status: SOLD ON EBAY || Sample Pages: One

This circle seems to love mafia!Enishi and Kaoru in a cheongsam/qipao (Chinese dress). The cover is stunning.

Title: Memory
Circle: Mania-Rug
Artist: 長瀬悠也様 [Nagase Yuu]
Published: 1999.12.25
Pages/Size: 72 ~ B5
Pairing: Enishi×Kaoru
Rating: Serious, R

I'm not exactly sure who's suffering from amnesia (my guess is Kaoru), but the whole book is pretty serious. Enishi and Kaoru manage to be happy for awhile until they visit a town and...DUN DUN DUN, Kenshin appears! What will happen to Enishi and Kaoru's relationship?

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