Welcome to Romanticide, a site created to index Skyrend's doujinshi collection. This site is intended to serve as an information reference and organizational tool for the webmistress and any visitors with common interests.

Thank you for visiting and happy collecting! ^-^

- Sky


NOT DEAD YET despite the lack of updates. I usually keep the site current on my hard drive when new books arrive. Everything acquired over the past year has now been added to the site. There may be some incomplete entries, cbf with accuracy atm.

- new sales up. some prices reduced.
- sharing more scans will probably be put on hold until life stabilizes & i move into my own place. right now i'm focusing on other things.
- one day i'll update the layout. one day. haha....

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- Cynical Violet by Jaemin
- Angel's Harmony by Miara

See ya next time! :)

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